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USPS Rates, Holidays, Delivery Times

In this article, I am going to talk about USPS rates, USPS holidays, USPS Hours and USPS Delivery times so that you can get a clear idea about the pricing and the working hours to receive your parcel. This post will give you enough idea about when does your parcel gets delivered and what price too. In the previous post, I talked about USPS Hold Mail. So let’s have a look at some introduction first and then move on to the main subject 🙂

USPS Rates, Holidays, Delivery Times & USPS Hours!

USPS also known as United States Postal Service is a US government organization that was founded in the year 1971. USPS is offering postal services to its citizens with more than 200,000 vehicles and 600,000 workers on the job. The company ensures to provide its customers with timely services and delivery of goods, however, there can be certain delays due to holidays in the organization.

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USPS holidays are those days when U.S. Postal service does not work. Although the non-working days of the company are Sunday, but they also have some other days on which they are not working. These are some special days or official holidays, on which offices are closed down and there is no one in the office to attend or attend the queries of clients.

These organizations are offered holidays on predetermined dates, such that customers can stay informed and plan their visit to postal offices accordingly. For individuals who often pay a visit to the postal offices, it is good for them to check out details below which contains minute of information of the holidays in postal offices.

USPS Holidays

The holidays are similar for each of the offices. Some of the holidays are quite evident and natural to happen in a government organization. The postal service organization is open on all the days, except the days mentioned in the schedule below and also Sundays. The table below shall provide you the complete list of holidays in the year 2017, and the occasions for which such holidays have been declared in the company. This list is prepared by in reference to the official website which is Make sure that you don’t visit the local post office to change USPS address on these days!

USPS Holidays List

Date Occasion
January 1 New Year’s Day
January 16 Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.
February 20 Washington’s Birthday
May 29 Memorial Day
July 4 Independence Day
September 4 Labor Day
October 10 Columbus Day
November 11 Veterans Day
November 30 Thanksgiving Day
December 26 Christmas Day
USPS Holiday Dates and Details

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January 1, New Year’s Day: This day almost every company and firm is closed, owing to which one would not be able send or receive any mail.
January 16, Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.: This day is kept as a holiday in USPS, as the company celebrates the birthday of Martin Luther King every year on third Monday of January.
February 20, Washington’s Birthday: On this special day, people of United States celebrates the birthday of their first president i.e. George Washington. Even though the president was born on February 22, 1732 but due to Uniform Holidays Act, the country celebrates their birthday every year on third Monday of February.
May 29, Memorial Day:This is yet another centralized holiday in US, which is celebrated in the memory of armed forces that died while serving the country. This occasion is celebrated on last Monday of May every year.
July 4, Independence Day: It is celebrated on the occasion of independence of United States. This was the day when United States got separated from British and became a separate nation.
September 4, Labor Day:This is also a federal holiday which is celebrated in the honor of American labor movement and also for workers contribution towards development of the country. This day is celebrated on first Monday of September every year.
October 10, Columbus Day: This day is celebrated on second Monday of October every year, on the occasion of Columbus discovery of America.
November 11, Veterans Day: This day is celebrated in the honor of the army veterans who have served the nation.
November 30, Thanksgiving Day:This occasion is celebrated in both Canada and United states. While Canada celebrates it on second Monday of October, US celebrate it on fourth Thursday of November.
December 26 Christmas Day: While Christmas is celebrated on 25th, but for most of the workers official holidays lies on 26th
So these are few specific days when the USPS Holidays are available and this detailed information with USPS dates of closed days can give you enough idea about when to register your parcel for delivery! If you feel that the parcel is going to come around the holiday time, you can just do USPS mail forwarding in that case

USPS Rates

Now that you know everything about USPS holidays, it’s now time to know the USPS rates at which you can deliver your respective parcels to various parts of the country! Remember that the prices vary from service to service and from place to place, so ensure that you go through the below given USPS Rates table carefully

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SPS Rates for Various Services

Priority Mail Express® From $22.95 at the Post Office™
From $20.66 for Commercial Base®
From $20.66 for Commercial Plus®
Priority Mail Express Flat Rate™ Envelope $22.95 at the Post Office
$20.66 for Commercial Base
$20.66 for Commercial Plus
Priority Mail Express Open & Distribute® Service See your USPS® sales agent for Commercial Base pricing
See your USPS sales agent for Commercial Plus pricing
Priority Mail® From $6.45 at the Post Office
From $5.75 for Commercial Base
From $5.60 for Commercial Plus
Priority Mail Flat Rate® $6.45 at the Post Office
$5.75 for Commercial Base
$5.60 for Commercial Plus
Prepaid Forever® Priority Mail Flat Rate See pricing online
Priority Mail Regional Rate® Boxes From $6.01
Additional fee if postage is paid at Retail
Priority Mail Open & Distribute® Service See your USPS® sales agent for Commercial Base pricing
See your USPS sales agent for Commercial Plus pricing
Priority Mail Return® Service From $5.75 for Commercial Base
From $5.60 for Commercial Plus
First-Class Mail® From $0.47 at the Post Office
From $0.376 for Commercial Pricing
First-Class Package Service® From $2.62 for Commercial Pricing
First-Class Package Return® Service From $2.62 for Commercial Pricing
Standard Mail® From $0.151 for Commercial Pricing
Every Door Direct Mail – Retail® $0.176 for Flats up to 3.3 oz
Parcel Select® From $2.66 for Commercial Pricing
Parcel Select Lightweight® From $1.30 for Commercial Pricing
USPS Retail Ground From $6.75 at the Post Office
Parcel Return Service From $2.54 at the Post Office
Ground Return Service From $5.95 for Commercial Pricing
Media Mail® From $2.61 at the Post Office
From $1.79 for Commercial Pricing
Table Source: Official Website

You can also visit our home page to track USPS parcels and this post to know about Priority Mail tracking now! The rates of UPS tracking are also quite similar to USPS rates!

USPS Delivery Times & Hours

The delivery time of USPS organization is similar to their working hours. Hence it clearly means that no package shall be delivered to you on Sundays or on official holidays. However, customers should make a note that all these delivery times are mere estimations, and they might vary depending on the services offered by the partner delivery companies working on the international and domestic level.

USPS Location And Zip Code List City Wise

USPS Locations and USPS Zip Codes                              

USPS is one of the most prevalent and popular postal services in the US. It is commonly used by most citizens all around US for posting consignments, packages, documents, gifts or other important packages from one to another. So if you are too going to try their service, you are sure in need of USPS Locations and USPS zip codes to deliver hte parcels at the right place. The company is a well-known brand for its incredible services provided by the company. UPS is also a well known brand giving a tough time to USPS.

The company is a well-known brand for its incredible services provided by the company. USPS has got a widespread network and managed around the locations in the US. USPS is an independent post service provider that takes care of sending posts from one location to another around the United States. You can check the USPS price list to ship a parcel too!

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Know About USPS locations and Zip Codes

Most people are always confused about where offices of USPS are located and where are its Zip codes. In this article, we provide locations and zip code information to help the people residing across the US to find the nearest USPS office. These locations are geographically located in such a way that it covers all across the United States. We have already posted about USPS priority mail and the features of it. Do check that out as well after reading this post!

USPS is an autonomous self-governed organization set up in the year 1971 and is responsible for delivering various services for citizens in the US. The complete list of locations in the US and their corresponding zip code information is shared. You can access the USPS locations and get information about shipping charges and package status.

USPS Office Locations

The USPS offices located at particular information can offer you services to send the package from one place to another, allows you to change your USPS mailing address free of cost, customer service and package collection in case of wrong delivery. You can gather your package information at USPS locations and even send a complaint about a missing package.

USPS Customer Service

Customer service allows you to get information and track of packages send from one place to another. You can directly contact the toll-free USPS customer care number and get information about package delivery, shipment or acquire details about the shipment, the reason for the delay in shipment or change of any particular detail. You can contact the official contact number for gathering more details.

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List of USPS Locations

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Below is the list of locations situated across the US. Below is the list of official records in the USA. You can go at a particular location and get to know more about the location.

District Of Columbia
North Carolina
North Dakota
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia
Look through USPS Locations in KeyMetropolises

Below is the list of major cities in US where you can find USPS offices. Below is the list of metropolitan cities.

Besides these local USPS locations in the United States, you can also have a glimpse at USPS international locations as well!

USPS Zip Code Information

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Normally, there are four types of zip codes. Unique zip codes are assigned to government specific organizations, business, houses or campuses. Specific organization or company is given the liberty to choose from unique set of zip codes. Post office box type of zip is assigned only to the Post Office Box only.  You can also choose military codes by routing mail to US military about any precarious situation. Rest of the left ones are standard zip codes assigned to a particular home, office or commercial mail delivery address.

How to find ZIP Code using USPS Zip Code Lookup?

You can scroll out the information about zip code from USPS official website.
Go to website
On Homepage, Hit on the option “look up a ZIP code” in empty fields.
You can simple hit on the option Find and then enter the required details.
A 9-digit zip code will be presented on your screen.
List of USPS Zip Codes City Wise

If you are searching for the list of USPS zip codes along with a list of state or city then you can check out below information.

Zip Code Primary City
63620 Annapolis
63820 Anniston
64724 Appleton City
63432 Arbela
63821 Arbyrd
64720 Adrian
63730 Advance
64401 Agency
64830 Alba
64402 Albany
65601 Aldrich
63430 Alexandria
64420 Allendale
63001 Allenton
64620 Alma
63732 Altamont
65606 Altenburg
64421 Alton
64422 Amazonia
64722 Amity
64723 Amoret
63431 Amsterdam
64831 Anabel
63330 Anderson
63330 Annada
You can browse through the locations and get your package transferred to any of the above information. The zip code information allows you to send post accurately.

Conclusion of USPS Zip Codes & USPS Locations!

So this is all about the USPS locations and USPS zip codes. Let me know if you still need any zip code or locations of USPS in the comment section below!

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How To Get A Tracking Number

The majority of shipping companies offer package tracking. When you purchase postage that includes tracking, you will get a unique number that you can use to track your package online, by text or by phone. You can request a tracking number from an online retailer if they are using any major shipping companies.

Method 1. Tracking An Online Purchase

(i) Keep a copy of all emails and communication made with the sender. As soon as you buy something online, make sure you get an email confirmation and a receipt. These are essential for finding packages, dealing with disputes, and tracking your order. If you have not received an email within 24 hours, email the seller requesting confirmation of payment and shipment.
  • Check your spam and trash folders as well, as most confirmation messages are sent automatically the second you place your order.

(ii) Read any emails from the seller for a tracking number. Most sites will send you a tracking number as soon as they ship the package. If they do, you can use this number on the carrier's website (USPS, FedEx, etc.) to keep up to date with your order. Note, however, that you can not get a tracking number until the order is actually shipped. If there is a handling period or your order still needs to be made, you will not see a tracking number until it is shipped.

(iii) Check the online store you bought from for tracking information. Under "My Orders" on Amazon, for example, you can see a detailed breakdown of your order status, including if it has shipped, where it is now, and what the tracking number is.

(iv) Contact customer service for your order if you don't have a tracking number within a day of shipment. If you are sure your package is in the mail, but still don't have a tracking number, call or email the company you purchased the product from requesting. Be sure to have any customer ID or receipt numbers handy so that they representative can quickly bring up your order.
  • If you've lost a tracking number, the customer service team for the company you ordered from should have one on file.
(v) Plug the tracking number into the appropriate delivery system to see where your package is. If you have a FedEx tracking number, go online to FedEx and type it in under "Track Package.' This will help you see your package's current location and when it should arrive.
  • If you lose a tracking number, and can't get in touch with the company, call your local post office. They may have records of the package if it is delivered by the USPS. Otherwise, call your local UPS, FedEx, or DHL branch and see if they can help you, though it is a long shot.

Method 2. Getting A USPS Tracking Number

(i) Know in advance which US Postal Service packages include tracking information. If you are purchasing a product online, make sure that one of these postage types is included in your shipping information. For USPS, the following postage types include a tracking number:
  • Certified Mail
  • Collect on Delivery
  • Global Express Guaranteed
  • Priority Mail
  • Registered Mail
  • Signature Confirmation
  • UPS Tracking
  • USPS First Class Mail, Media Mail or Parcel Post do not include tracking. In some cases, you can add USPS Tracking to the products at the time of your postage purchase.

(ii) Save your receipt from the post office. It will include the tracking number. Ask the postal clerk to highlight the tracking number on the slip if you are concerned. They length of the numbers changes based on the package, but it will be a long string of numbers, occasional prefixed by two letters.
  • Ex. 9208 8000 0000 0000 0000 00
  • Ex. CP 123 456 789 US

(iii) Check the status of your package online. Go to USPS and type in the tracking number on your email or receipt. Press the “Find” button to track your package.
  • You can also text your tracking number to “28777” to get a text update of your package status.
  • It may take 24 hours after dropping off the package for it to show up in the system, so don't fear if it is not there

USPS hold mail

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USPS address change

USPS tracking number

USPS office hours

How To Forward Mail

Forwarding mail means to resend received mail to a fresh address. There are many reasons people may choose to do this; they may have recently changed addresses and want mail shipped to their new home, or they want to send the package to someone new. In the case of electronic mail (or email), you can forward messages as a way to share them to other people who might be interested in their contents. How you'll go about forwarding mail depends on the type of mail (physical or electronic) and whether it's a one-time deal or you want to make the forwarding a regular thing for all subsequent mail that reaches a certain address.

Method 1. Forwarding  A Single Piece Of Mail

(i) Consider the ownership and responsibility of the package. In the majority of cases, forwarding a single piece of mail is a very simple procedure. Postal services are used to rerouting mail as a way to accommodate changes of address and other changes of location. If the package belongs to someone else, it is considered courteous to ship it along to the intended recipient. If the package is addressed to you and you still wish to forward it however, you may be required to pay for a new set of stamps before it's valid for shipment.
  • You may change the address on the package if required, but it is illegal to change the name of the addressee. In most cases, forwarding is only encouraged by the postal service if it needs to happen to get the message to whom it was intended.
  • If you are trying to reroute mail from somewhere else to your now-current address, you'll have to get in touch with someone that lives nearby to do the legwork for you.
(ii) Correct the address on the package. In a black marker, cross out the current address and write the new address directly below it. Make sure the address is correct, and write in block letters for clarity. Take care not to tamper with the package as much as possible, as the postal service may not handle it if they think it's been misused.
  • Don't suffice for anything less than a permanent marker. Anything lighter may be difficult for the mailman to read. Even worse, it increases the risk of potential tampering.
(iii) Remail the package. When you have the new address clearly written on the package, you're ready to mail it off. Postal services are generally fixated on efficiency, so the process of dropping it off should be relatively quick. Take it to a post office or a mailbox and drop it in. Before doing so however, you should check to see if the stamps are still valid.
  • Payment options vary depending on which postal service you're using. The USPS accommodates forwarding prices into their lump fee, so service users are technically paying for the chance of forwarding whether they use it or not. Canada Post on the other hand will charge a fee to anyone changing addresses to cover the costs of forwarding mail.
(iv) Verify the package has been received. If you are in contact with the recipient of the mail, it is good form to verify that the mail has been successfully received within two weeks of mailing it out. If it hasn't been received within that time, it's a good idea to contact the postal service regarding the mail's status.

Method 2. Requesting Forwarding Service

(i) Contact the postal service. If you are wanting to have mail forwarded on a more regular basis, you should contact your local postal service. They should be contacted during business hours by phone or email, and you can visit a post office directly to inquire about a forwarding address change if you so desire.
  • If you're meeting with the post office in person, you'll need to produce two pieces of identification to prove who you are.
(ii) Contact the postal service and request your mail be forwarded. Postal services will have an option to have your mail automatically forwarded to a new address if you sign up with the applicable program. In the case of the United States Postal Service, you can change your mailing address online. Let them know the address you would like to have the mail forwarded instead.
  • If you're using the USPS, they will charge a small fee to your credit card simply to confirm your identity.

(iii) Set up a payment plan. Payment will vary depending on the particular postal service you're using. However, a recurring bill such as regular forwarding will require use of a credit card. Whether as an annual, monthly or weekly plan, expect to be billed regularly according to how long you use it for. Some services may offer levels of speed for your mail with different prices; talk to the post office and figure out together what set-up suits you best.
  • If you need your mail sent to you promptly wherever you are, you can apply to the USPS's Premium Forwarding Service. This costs $18.00 per week of use, but you'll have whatever packages you're waiting on delivered to you within three business days.
  • Forwarding mail is useful if you have recently changed your residential address. Canada Post will charge $75.00 for a year of mail forwarding for a change of residence.
(iv) Get any current mail sent to the forwarded address. If you've had mail sent to your original address prior to getting the new forwarding plan set up, you should get the mail over to your new address. If you live within easy travel distance, you can retrieve the mail yourself. Otherwise, it's a good idea to get in touch with someone that lives near your old address and have them remark and resend the mail for you.

(v) Verify that the mail has been received. If you want to be cautious, or if the email has particular weight or importance, it's a good idea to confer with the other person to make sure the mail has been received. First, let the recipient know you have forwarded the mail along, and wait to hear back. If you've forwarded the mail to a new address of yours, wait to ensure it the forwarded mail makes it on time. If one package makes it through using the new forwarding set up, chances are the rest of it should follow suit smoothly.
  • If for whatever reason the mail doesn't get through within the expected time, it's a good idea to contact the postal service promptly to find out what happened with it. The sooner the better, as you don't want any of your mail getting lost.